Friday, July 24, 2009


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There he sat, by the overpass bridge, leaning against the light signal post. Beard untrimmed and clothes very worn but he was not dirty. Always looking at the ground instead of the passerbys. The cardboard sign in hand had the word 'HUNGRY" scribbled on it......right below that were two more words..."SEMPER FI". What I did next, when I got beside him at the stop light, is my business....He was a Vietnam Vet.
This had to be done with and ink pen and in my moleskine book...NFS. I couldn't get his face out of my head til I put it in the book...with honor.
7th and Broadway, K.C. Missouri.
Small prints of this are $25. and that includes shipping in USA. God bless.

Small Print 8 X 10


Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Caricature Birds

Caricature Birds_edited-1
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There I was in the middle of the woods enjoying the cool of the air and the sounds of nature. I had no drive to draw but these guys kept getting louder and floating through the tree tops....that's right they were just kids. Trying to fly and look good for the day was not their best suit yet.
So I took out my pen to get even and only had the back of a email paper in my paper. I cut them out and here they are......caricatures for friends.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Turquios Skies

Turquios Skies
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Turquios Skies

This is a quick sketch I did while on vacation a few weeks ago. The sky was so turquoise color and my favorite birds, Ravens, soaring on the hot air currents. Man I wish I could soar like that. Ground colors are so magnificent there. I can't wait to paint this someday.
I did this in my aquabee, 5 X 7 sketch book. On this particular page I had a prior wash of matte medium and water before drawing. Ink and watercolor sketch outside of Taos, New Mexico. En Plein aire


Hello friends,
Are you as busy as I am trying to get ready for all the different shows? Between trying to get things painted, I always wait til the last minute, and shipping other paintings it seems hectic.
Thank GOD I have this extra week off of Chemo. It's a blessing not having to go in there and be on that stuff for three days and then the lingering side affects.
I would also like to welcome my friend Laura, who just signed in as a follower.
I apologize for the lack of posting but my schedule is a little strange but in a few weeks maybe things will level out.
Here's a big THANK YOU for reading my blog and please comment on anything you feel lead to. Understand that I don't put everything on this site because of being copied but I try to put some. I sell mostly from Galleries and shows.
See you soon!!!!!