Friday, July 3, 2009

Rio Grand River Series

Rio Grand River Series
Originally uploaded by Ricky Holtman

That famous river of every western novel I have read....'The Rio Grande'. This is the first of a series I will be doing from my recent days to the mountains of New Mexico and Colorado. Trying to do it justice is sometimes so frustrating. My memory, sketches and some photos help but it's not like setting up on the site and painting with all the smells, sounds, sights and mother nature telling you how to paint it.
This is 8" X 16", on archival/acid free board and a watermedia painting.
I hope you enjoy, I did. LOL

This is offered unframed and unmatted but shipping free within USA boundaries and insured. Any interest outside of USA please email for instructions and possible extra charges. Any questions please feel free to contact me. Thank You.

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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Getting Materials

Well I'm trying to get some paintings together but I thought you might like to see how an old artist looks trying to gather info on the Rio Grande River up in the Mountains. Don't laugh.......this is my best side.
Hope you like these. The upper right is the Rio Grande River Gorge outside of Taos, New Mexico.

Monday, June 29, 2009


Hey friends,
Thanks for standing by while I was on my first vacation in over two years. It was a glorious time.
I have so much material for future paintings etc... I can't hardly wait to get at it but first I have to rest up from the trip. ahahahha!
I spent a couple of weeks in my favorite location.......Taos, New Mexico. Seeing old artist friends and hanging out was just what I needed. It recharges a persons batteries, at least for me.
Stay tuned for future sketches and paintings...God bless....LOL