Thursday, June 4, 2009

Red Panda

Red Panda
Originally uploaded by Ricky Holtman

This is the cousin to the GIANT PANDA, big and black and white. The Red Panda is always confused with the Fox or Raccoon family but it's not either. He travels the same bamboo forest as his cousin. The Himalayas and two provinces in China is where you will find him.
This is a Watercolor and ink sketch on 140 lb cold press archival grade arches paper. I started drawing with permanent artist ink immediately and set some parameters for the animal to fit on the page. Started throwing in some color washes and came back to finish with ink and some white splatter to represent snow.

The image size is approximately 6 X 10". It comes to you unframed and unmatted to hold down costs for both of us. Shipping is included anywhere within the USA boundaries. Outside of the USA please email me for arrangements. Shipped in a strong construct package for safety.



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